How to sell your land faster!

Jun 27 2022

Sell Land Fast

Unlike conventional real estate listings, such as the traditional 3bd/2ba home on a corner lot, which can sell even before coming to the market, selling vacant land is challenging. In the following article, we’re going to show you five simple ways to sell your land faster and get you the most money at closing.

Let’s take a look.

 Get The Right Word Out

In the advertising world, there’s an adage called The Rule of Seven. It says that a prospective customer needs to see or hear your message seven times before they take action.

In today’s fast-paced society of continuous information, including non-stop scrolling, how can you make potential buyers stop and read your listing? It all starts with a great real estate listing. Buyers want to know what’s unique about your listing right away. Don’t waste time in the ad describing why you’re selling your land; instead, highlight the best feature directly in the first sentence.

 Paint The Right Picture

Got a great view? That’s the perfect beginning to any real estate listing. Close to town? Just outside of town? Wooded farmland with abundant wildlife? Whatever your property’s best feature is what should be in the first sentence of your listing.

Pictures go a long way in grabbing buyers’ attention. In addition to a great description, you want to have photographs or videos emphasizing your land’s best features.Consider using professionals if you’re unable to take quality photos.

 Have The Land Ready to Sell 

First impressions go a long way in real estate. Buyers will be disappointed if your ad copy and the actual property don’t match up. Make sure and have your land ready for buyers to tour. If the “great view” they’re expecting to see is a pile of garbage or a fallen tree blocking the road, it will kill your potential deal.

Here are several things you can do to make your land out:

  • Clearly marked property lines
  • Removal of any trash or dead tree limbs
  • Plant some wildflowers

Another great tip is to have a sales flyer at the property so buyers can investigate the property’s best features if they’ve just stumbled on the property while traveling through the area.

If you live near your listing, be flexible in the times available for showings of your property. Not everyone is on the same schedule, and although a hassle to you when you’ve made other plans for the day, unexpected visitors could result in the sale you’ve been waiting on for several months.

Price Your Land Right

 Slapping up a “For Sale” sign with a telephone number may not result in too many inquiries about your property. Neither will setting a listing price that is thousands more than comparable listings in the area. One simple thing to remember is to establish a price slightly above what you’re willing to accept to allow room for negotiation between yourself and the buyer.

Selling land is trickier than selling a home, and unless you’re familiar with the latest market trends and actually what your property is worth, hiring a professional to help you through the process may be your best.

 Offer Incentives

 A common theme on television programs about buying and selling real estate is for sellers to pay all or part of the closing costs on the property sale. This may not be a bad idea, especially when you consider that land buyers are usually required to have a 20 percent or higher downpayment on vacant property.

The large downpayment required for vacant land by many mortgage lenders can limit the pool of prospective buyers. If you’re able to offer some form of owner-financing, you may see an increase in qualified buyers who are eager to build a dream but may have had some financial concerns in the past.

 Work With Land Buyers 

If none of the above steps has resulted in the sale you were hoping for, you might want to consider selling your property directly to a company that buys land directly from landowners.

Many direct land buyers sell properties in multiple states and are well-versed in the local economy. They will offer you a simple and easy solution to your problem and buy your land from you at a fair price.

Don’t underestimate what a professional team can bring to the table when it comes to something as important as selling your land. They can offer you cash for your land and ensure a fast sale.

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