How To Sell Land – 5 Steps For Selling Land

Jun 27 2022

Now that you have decided to sell your property, there are several factors you should consider when it comes time to create a listing and get your land ready for the market. This article will show you five steps for selling land to make the process go smoothly for all parties involved.

Make A Good First Impression

The easiest way to make a great first impression is to present your listing in the best possible light. The headline in your advertisement should include mention of your property’s best feature. Whether it’s an ocean view, lake frontage, tall trees, or a stunning mountain view, it should be one of the first items in your property title and description.

Another great way to attract potential buyers to your listing is with great photos.

Not that good with a camera?

If taking pictures isn’t your thing, you should probably invest in a professional photographer to take the pictures for you. High-quality images don’t need to cost you a fortune these days. You can often find photographers through craigslist that can photograph your property for $100 or less.

A professional will be able to highlight the uniqueness of your property in at the best of time. Add videos that capture attractive aspects of your property or add aerial drone footage for a better vantage point.

Video tours will appeal to out-of-town and sign unseen buyers, so invest in great images and video; it can add a ton of value to your listing and is a real difference-maker.

It’s All In The Details

A great photo will attract buyers, but the details are what will convince them to buy. Young buyers with kids looking for a five-acre homesite are probably not going to make an offer on a two-bedroom condo in a gated active living community. It could happen but is highly unlikely, so you’ll want to make sure your listing is correct, so buyers don’t get frustrated.

Land buyers are not looking for the same things as home buyers. Land buyers are looking at a blank canvas, so including relevant details such as site maps, local utilities, HOA restrictions, and other information can bring more insight to the property so buyers can make an informed decision.

Making Improvements To Your Land

Now that you’ve listed your property for sale, it’s time to check a few items off your to-do list. Even though there aren’t any structures on your property, there are still ways to improve it to make it look desirable.

Some of the ways to show what your land has to offer include:

  • Clearing away fallen trees and downed limbs
  • Repairing fences and gates
  • Having clearly marked boundary lines for buyers to walk the property
  • Cleaning up any trash or debris
  • Planting trees or wildflowers

One trait buyers are always looking for when it comes to buying land is whether electricity and other utilities are available. If prospective buyers are planning on building a new home, then additional services like septic and water will usually increase the overall asking price for your land.

Although cost-prohibitive in some instances, adding utilities can significantly increase what buyers are willing to pay and make your listing sell faster.

Agricultural And Recreational Possibilities

Another step to consider when selling your land is purpose. A lot can depend on your property’s size, and the more land you have, the more options you have to consider.

Here are a few options for land sellers with more acreage to sell:

  • Can your land be subdivided into future residential developments?
  • Can your property be rezoned for agricultural purposes?
  • What about water rights and mineral rights?
  • Can the land be used for recreational purposes such as hunting and fishing

As the seller, having the answers to these questions beforehand will save you time and let interested buyers know you’re done the research and are ready to make the sale.

Contact a Land Pro

Although it may seem like a waste of time, this preparation to sell land is an integral part of the listing process. If you’ve tried to make all of the preparations and are still having difficulty getting offers on your property, it may be time to consider other options.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to sell your land because you’ve lost patience.

If you’re looking for a fast and easy solution to sell your land, contact a land buyer who buys land directly from landowners. Partnering with a company that will buy your land owner-direct can remove the hassles of selling land and get you to the closing table faster.

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